When in Rome, DON’T do as the Romans Do!

Last year brought us to the clear realization that THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THE ECONOMY AS A WHOLE! That has a great deal to do with the current Presidential Administration and those who can affect change on that level.  However, we do have great influence over our small piece of the world.

Many companies reacted by downsizing and rightsizing to reduce costs and save money.   We, however, chose not to focus on the weakened economy and the negative impact it caused.  Instead, we channeled our resources towards the future.  Rather than deviate from our strategic model of delivering high-level service and growth, we chose to maintain our staffing levels and invested in new talent to help position ourselves for the next wave of positive business.  Internally, we are asking hard questions, managing costs more effectively, communicating more and more effectively than ever before.

From one very innovative young  property manager  we heard,  “I’m doing everything I’ve been doing differently,” and in her case it meant showing space in a mixed-use project after work hours and on weekends.  She has filled her buildings.

A New Year, a New Decade, a New Mantra……When in Rome, DON’T do as the Romans Do!

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